Do a Good Deed

SUGGESTION FOR THE DAY: Do a good deed and help yourself out at the same time.  The day has come to get rid of that shirt, pants, shoes, etc. that has been in your closet since the last ice age and you refuse to let it go.  If you really love something, you should set it free…and that goes for clothes!  Why let something just sit there that another person in need could be using RIGHT NOW!  There are tons of charities that would love for you to donate that item-and many of the charities will come to your house to pick it up!  Want to find out if there’s a charity in your area that will pick up your donations?  Just check out this website:  EASY PEASY!  Now you can make room for those new pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing AND get a tax deduction!  Aren’t you smart!

QUOTE FOR THE DAY: “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” Coco Chanel

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Don’t forget…YOU ARE LIVING ART!

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