Yes-Style Can Be Learned!

If you’re reading this post, YOU can learn to be stylish.  Society tricks us into thinking that only some women are stylish…that they are magically born with this power of style and fashion.  Yes, some women are born with a natural sense of style.  This is a very low percentage of the population, though.  The rest of us are looking at these women thinking they have it “all together” and that we’ll never be as stylish.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Stacy London (from What Not to Wear) is my style hero.  She is so stylish and elegant.  One could easily look at Stacy and think that she’s been a fashion queen her entire life…that she was “that” girl in school…the one who always wore the most amazing clothes, had the best hair, etc.  Stacy says about herself, “I wore sweater dresses with tube socks in seventh grade, and I had a hair cut that made me look like Robert Smith — the lead singer of The Cure. No, it was not a pretty time in my life.”

So, if Stacy wasn’t born with her sense of style, where did it come from?  She learned it-just like you can.  You just have to have enough faith in yourself to try.  There are so many tools available to help women these days.  I’ll be sharing different tools you can use to help yourself become the stylish woman of your dreams.  The first step, though, is faith and confidence in yourself.  Without that, you’ll never be able to move forward.  You’ll never consider yourself worth enough to be stylish.  Let me assure you, YOU ARE WORTH IT!  YOU ARE OF VALUE!

Now that we have that settled…it’s time for you to move forward-Style Queen!

STYLE QUOTE FOR THE DAY:  “There are no fashion rules about what you can and can’t do anymore. I love a biker jacket worn over a gown. It’s about experimentation and a sense of creativity. Women are more empowered than they’ve ever been.” Tory Burch


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