Know Your Body-Part 3

I hope everyone enjoyed my post on Wardrobe Essentials yesterday.  My aim for my posts is to save you money by helping you to buy smart wardrobe pieces.

NOW…it’s time to get back to my series on Knowing Your Body!  Today, I’m going to talk about the Hourglass body type.  Drew Barrymore and Scarlett Johansson are examples of an hourglass figure.  Your bust and hips are well balanced and you have a well defined waist.  You probably gain weight in your thighs and/or belly area first.  Wear wide belts over shirts or dresses to emphasize your waist.  Remember to always keep balance with your clothing.  If you wear something flowing on top, you should wear a fitted skirt or pants.  If you wear something flowing on bottom, you should wear a fitted shirt.  (This goes for all body styles.)  Wrap style tops and belted tops look great on you.  Boot cut and straight leg pants also look great on you.  You should definitely invest in a pair of skinny jeans.  For swimsuits, make sure you wear matching colors or patterns and bottoms that cut straight across your hips.  As always, make sure you’re buying clothes that fit properly!  Here are some suggestions on clothing items for you…enjoy!



Skinny Jeans

Top for Hourglass


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  1. Purely.. Kay
    Feb 21, 2012 @ 23:54:55

    These are absolutely wonderful tips you have on this post. I know a lot of woman don’t know what there body type is.. let alone how to dress for their size. Wonderful post


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