Know Your Body-Part 4

Hello to all the beautiful people reading this blog!  There is at least one person that wishes they could be you right now-so be fabulous today!

We’re continuing with the Know Your Body series.  Today, we’re looking at the Apple body shape.  Rosie O’Donnell is an example of an Apple body shape.  If you’re an Apple, you have no waist and carry most of your weight around your mid-section.  You tend to gain weight smack in your mid-section. However, you have nicely defined legs.  You want to draw attention to your legs and away from your waist.  Tops and dresses with an empire waist are great choices for you!  It’s so important for the apple body type to always wear long shirts to avoid the “muffin top” effect!  You want to wear wide legged pants and jeans to draw the eye away from trouble spots.  Capri pants with a long tunic shirt show off your legs while hiding trouble spots.  When looking for a bathing suit, try a tankini with a long flowing top.  Here are some suggestions on great clothing options at budget friendly prices-enjoy!


Flared jeans

Empire Dress



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