How To Be Stylish-Know Your Colors Part 1

I hope you enjoyed the Know Your Body series.  I discussed the four major body types-Athletic (rectangle or square), Pear, Hourglass and Apple.  If you research the subject, there are quite a few other body types that are out there.  I feel that most people fall into one of these four categories, though.  I’m hoping you’ve gained some confidence on how to choose clothes that will flatter your figure.  Now, you’re ready to conquer the world!  Ok-maybe not-but how about conquering colors???!!!

Have you ever been out in public, noticed someone wearing a fabulously color-coordinated outfit and wondered how they managed to put that together?  Or maybe you were out in public and saw a woman wearing colors so hideous you wondered if she had any mirrors in her house?  I want to help you be the fabulously color coordinated woman.

My first suggestion to you is to get your hands on a color wheel.  Yes, I mean the same color wheel you probably learned about in elementary school.  Remember hearing the term “complementary colors?’  I bet you never thought when you were learning this in school that it could apply to something in your own life that you actually care about!  That’s right-the color wheel can help you with your wardrobe!  There are all kinds of tools on the internet that allow you to pick a color and it shows you the complementary colors.  Click here for an example.  There are also color wheel apps available for your cell/mobile phone .

Let’s say I’m out shopping and I come across a mint green top that I just love.  I wonder to myself what colors would look good with this top.  I look up the link mentioned above and choose the color mint green.  It then gives me a palette of complementary colors to work with.  For mint green, peach, burgundy and brown tones are complementary colors.  Voila-it’s that easy to be a master of color coordination!  (This will also work for putting together colors in your home.)  Tomorrow, I’ll talk about another tip to use to help you color coordinate your wardrobe.


Mint Green Top

Peach Jeans

Mint Green Shoes


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