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Yesterday, I discussed how to tell the difference between an imposter and a genuine designer purse.  I have to tell you about a post I read by another blogger who talked about imposters.  She said she owns Louis Vuitton purses but refuses to wear them because there are so many imposters.  She was concerned about people thinking her purse was not the real deal.  Let me tell you, she can give those purses to me and I’ll be happy to wear them!  It doesn’t matter what other people think-it’s all about your confidence in what you’re wearing.  It’s a shame to let a good designer purse go to waste collecting dust when there are so many women who could never even think about owning a designer purse!

This post is to try and help you afford owning a designer purse.  How do you find a designer purse at discount prices?  THE OUTLET MALL!  The outlet mall is your BEST FRIEND!  Here you can get designer purses, straight from the source, at a fraction of the retail price!  I find designer purses to be a good investment, especially if you like to carry a purse for years.  The designer purses are made with extra care so they last forever.  I had someone give me a Brighton purse that they carried for several years.  It was still in beautiful condition and I carried it for several years.  When I got a new purse, I gave that purse to someone else.  They will really last forever if you take good care of them.

Let me say that some designer purses are not affordable-even at discount prices.  I have a limit of what I will spend on a purse.  The Fendi outlet is beyond my limit.  And that’s OK, because there are plenty of other designers that are in my budget and life won’t end if I never own a Fendi.  Don’t let the designer rule you-you rule the designer.  Set a budget on what you can realistically spend and STICK TO IT.  If that means no Fendi, be content with a Prada.  If that means no Prada, be content with Coach.  And don’t forget that in the end, you are what’s important-not the purse!

The Coach outlet can be found in most outlet malls.  They have FABULOUS prices!  I wish someone had told me about this sooner because I was paying the same amount of money buying non-designer purses at department stores!  There are purses to fit almost any budget.  They also have other items like shoes.  YAY, SHOES!  Click here to find a Coach outlet near you.

The Brighton Outlet is harder to find.  There aren’t many around but they also have FABULOUS prices.  The closest Brighton outlet to me is 209 miles away-but so worth the drive!  You can buy a Brighton purse for as much as 40-70% off retail prices.  Click here to find a Brighton outlet near you!

I just recently got the chance to visit my first Prada outlet.  They’re also hard to find but worth it if you’re really after a Prada.  I judge the prices to be close to 50% off retail.  Are they still expensive?  YES!  But much less expensive than paying full price.  And why would anyone want to pay full price????  Click here to find a Prada outlet near you.

As I mentioned earlier, Fendi is out of my price range…even at the outlet store!  But, if you really want a Fendi and you have the money to spend, more power to you!  Click here to find a Fendi outlet near you.

Gucci will be the last designer I mention.  I’ve been fortunate enough to buy a Gucci from an outlet store.  I really hate to be a Gucci basher but I wasn’t impressed.  I didn’t feel like the quality stood up to the name.  Maybe you’ve had a Gucci for years that you absolutely love.  If so, that’s fantastic-wish I’d had as good an experience.  If you love Gucci and would like to find an outlet near you-click here.

I hope this helps you to find a designer purse at a price you can afford.  Every woman should be able to own a designer purse-not just a select few.  I believe in spreading the love around to everyone.  Good luck in your treasure hunting and be sure to let me know if you score any great deals!  Until tomorrow…



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jen @ A Touch of Lovely
    Feb 29, 2012 @ 09:48:26

    There’s nothing quite like finding a designer piece for cheap. Another great way to get them is thrift shops!


  2. Leonard Marks
    Jul 16, 2012 @ 19:05:52

    great post


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