Trend Alert: Color Blocking

This trend reminds me SO much of the 80’s!  I like to think the current trend is a little more sophisticated, though.  Color blocking is actually VERY easy-so don’t be intimidated by this!  Basically, you only have to put at least two different colors together.  If you want to get really complicated, you can put three colors together.  See-easy as pie!  You can even cheat and buy something that’s already color blocked for you!

All you have to do is throw two or three different colors together.  And they don’t have to be really bold colors.  They can be neutral colors or even classic black and white!  You can even use accessories like jewelry, purses and shoes for your color blocking.  If you need a little help, here are some examples of colors that go well together:

  • Navy blue with yellow
  • Pink or peach with brown
  • Purple with teal
  • Blue with white or ivory
  • Tangerine with grey

This is a fun and easy trend, so try it out and make it fabulous!  Here are some items that would be great for color blocking at budget friendly prices!  Have fun shopping!

Love the color combo on this top!

Color block tank dress

Asos Color Block Flats

Color block heels

Color block bag

Color block earrings

Color block bangles


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