Trend Alert: Feminine Meets Edgy

I call the edgy feminine look-I Am Woman, Here Me Roar.

There are a lot of very feminine trends going on right now.  Some people are more feminine and some are more edgy.  If you’re edgy, don’t be afraid to take the feminine trends and give them some of your personal edgy style.  Be proud to be a woman and show it with lace, flowers and ruffles paired with leather jackets, belts and leggings!  If you’re more feminine, don’t be afraid to show people that just because you’re feminine doesn’t mean you’re a push over.  Add some leather and metal to your outfit and be proud to be edgy!  Do you have some suggestions on how you like to pull off a feminine outfit with an edge?

Here are some examples of how I would pull off this look to give you some inspiration.  Now go through your closet and have fun experimenting!

Little black dress

Little black dress meets studded belt

Floral dress

Floral dress meets leather jacket

Ruffle Tank

Ruffle tank meets vinyl pants

By the way, check out the Street Style page!  I have a new picture you’re going to love!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. KWR
    May 08, 2012 @ 22:19:23

    A wonderful post….outfit examples are well done! I like the edge…..
    a fresh site to follow..


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