Fabulous Friday

Just in case you haven’t heard of Polyvore, let me explain about this fabulous site.  I’m not quite sure why…but this is one of those things that if I could, I would selfishly keep it all to myself and not tell anyone.

Of course, I would never think of not sharing this with the fabulous people reading this blog!  Simply put, this site is like paper dolls for adults.  You sign up for an account and then have access to oodles (yes, that’s a technical term) of shoes, accessories and clothing!  You can create your own outfits and enter them into contests.  For me, it’s actually very calming.  Much cheaper than a psychiatrist!  Also, I’ve had several times where I create an outfit and then run across an item from my creation while out shopping.  It’s a very weird moment…almost like I brought that item to life just by creating an outfit with it!

You can get fantastic ideas for outfits and it also helps you get better at putting colors and styles together.  If you have a Polyvore account, let me know!  I’d love to see your creations!  I’m already following some of you on Polyvore and I LOVE what you’ve done!  I try to use budget friendly items in most of my creations!  You can see my Polyvore creations by clicking here OR here are a couple of my sets for your viewing pleasure!

Evening Out


Day at the Beach

Top Ten for $10

I’ve been on the hunt for spectacular bargains and hope you like what I’ve found!  Let me know which one is your favorite find!

Ankle wrap sandal-$8

Flower sandal-$10

Leopard print sunglasses-$6

Cut out rings-$5

Enamel hoop earrings-$9

Neon clutch-$9

Floral lace tee-$8

Tie back top-$10

Sequin chevron top-$10

Seamless leggings-$9

Get This Look: Lily Collins

Lily Collins has been in quite a few movies.  You might remember her best from The Blind Side.  I LOVE that movie and highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it!

However, she was most recently in Mirror Mirror as Snow White.  I haven’t seen that, yet, but it’s on my list of movies to watch!  What’s on your list of movies?

I saw the picture of Lily in Paris and just fell in love with her outfit.  I’m usually not big on butterfly prints but something about the whole outfit speaks to me.  It says casual but elegant summer day.  If this outfit speaks to you, here are my suggestions on how you can incorporate this into your wardrobe. Wishing you a casual but elegant summer day with only whimsy as your guide.

Butterfly print top

Black tank top

Black super soft skinny jeans

Large satchel bag

Platform heels

Trend Alert: Mad Men

I was in line at H&M the other day and a mother and daughter were in front of me.  They were discussing how they keep seeing 1960’s styles everywhere and were wondering where that came from.  While it’s a rule that almost all styles come back around eventually, this is mostly due to the TV show Mad Men.  If you haven’t seen it, this show is about an ad agency in New York in the early 1960’s.

1960’s fashion from Mad Men (photo credit-http://tobifairley.com/blog/2012/day-19-mad-men)

The show created an interest in 1960’s fashion and now designers are running with it!  I’m a huge lover of history and for some reason, I just love to wear vintage looks!  This is definitely my cup of tea!  If you have a mother or grandmother that kept her clothes from the 60’s, it’s time to go treasure hunting through her closet!   Thrift stores, antique stores and vintage shops are great places to look for authentic, budget friendly pieces.  If you find a great vintage piece but it looks really dated, take it to someone who does good alterations (seamstress/tailor, etc.) and have them update the piece for you. A few inexpensive snips could get you a fabulous, one-of-a-kind vintage piece!

If you could wear fashions from any time in history, which time period would you choose?

I’ve done some hunting for you and found these fun, inexpensive items you can add to your wardrobe!  Enjoy and be groovy!

Authentic 1960’s cocktail dress

Mad Men style dress

Vintage style dress

Cute vintage handbag!

Vintage clutch purse

Vintage handbag

Vintage gold brocade heels

Vintage heels

Peacock necklace

1960’s necklace

Wardrobe Essentials: Evening Gowns

What are the classic items that you can add to your wardrobe that will never go out of style?  What are timeless pieces that add style and class after fashion fades?  That’s right…it’s time to talk about another essential piece you should add to your wardrobe.  The evening gown.

I think women sometimes get confused about what’s considered an evening gown, what’s an After 5 dress, what’s considered a casual dress, etc.  Price is NOT the way to determine this.  You can pay a fortune for a casual dress and find evening gowns on clearance for $20.  An evening gown is what you wear to a formal event.  A man would wear a tuxedo or nice suit to a formal event.  Your gown should be able to outshine a tuxedo or nice suit.  You would wear an evening gown to a very formal wedding or a formal ball or dinner.  You may think you might never need an evening gown.  Let me tell you, if you’re ever invited to an event where you do need one, you’ll end up paying a fortune because you’re under so much pressure to buy one.  Better to buy one when the pressure’s not on and you have some time to think about it.

Here are some budget friendly evening gowns you can add to your wardrobe in preparation for your fairy tale ball!  You deserve to be a princess!

Strapless evening gown

Great if you don’t like long evening gowns.

Black evening gown

Available in other colors

Fabulous Friday

I’ve talked about Modnique and Hautelook in recent blog posts.  This week, I want to talk about my favorite of all discount fashion websites-Ideeli.  I do most of my shopping with them.  I really like them because they feature unique, fun and on trend items at reasonable prices.  I’ve gotten quite a few good deals.  Their shipping is also quite fast.

They can email you to alert you to the current and upcoming sales.  They also have a feature where if an item is sold out but it might be possible to get more, you can be alerted by email.  The most popular items sell out fast so I’ve been able to get items that I missed out on through that email alert.  I have made returns through Ideeli and they are processed smoothly and quickly.  You can buy as many items as you want on the same day and will only be charged one shipping fee.

You can view the deals without signing up but you have to sign up to make a purchase.  (There’s no fee.)  Here are some examples of the deals that are offered on Ideeli.  Happy shopping and have a FABULOUS weekend!  Wish me luck-I’ll be working in Vacation Bible School every night next week!

La Mer neon watch-$50

BCBG Wedges-$40

Lace dress-$30

Cara Couture bracelet-$25

Ruffle tank-$20

Fun yellow bangles-$20

Steve Madden clutch-$18

Top 10 for $10

I like to see what everyone else is buying so I thought I’d share two of my recent purchases with you.

I bought this dress in coral.

Got this dress from Windsor

What fashion items have you purchased recently?

Just to let you know, Forever 21 is currently having a buy one, get one FREE sale.  Also, get 15-20% off at Old Navy until 6/23.

Now, let’s get to the important part!  Your deals for today!  Hope you love them!

Patterned tie-$7

Multi-layer bracelet-$7

Striped tank top-$10

Bandeau top-$10

String bikini bottoms-$10

Paisley top-$7

Faux stone ring-$4

Wrap ankle sandals-$10

Butterfly print scarf-$9.50

Studded wristlet-$10

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