Get This Look: Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham-AKA Posh Spice (for those old enough to remember)-got her Spice Girl name for good reason.  The lady knows how to put an outfit together.  She even has her own clothing line due to her passion for fashion.  I’ll tell you what drives me nuts, though.  She’s married to the gorgeous David Beckham, she always wears great clothes, she owns countless pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes AND she’s über successful…but what do you want to bet that despite every reason she has to be happy, she’s completely unhappy.  It just drives me crazy and goes to show you can’t buy happiness-you choose it.  Of course, I hope she’s really happy but that just doesn’t seem to be the trend with celebrities.

This outfit is a duplicate of Victoria’s.  It’s SO easy to wear and perfect to keep you cool in the summer heat!  As always, I have some fabulous suggestions on how you can look this good for a fraction of the price!  Don’t forget to CHOOSE to be happy today!

Black tank top

Flared jeans (Only $11)

Vince Camuto heels-on sale for $40!!!!

Black snake-skin satchel

Oversize sunglasses


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