Fabulous Friday!

Have you heard of the new subscription service-Svbscription?  This one is very different in the fact that it’s for men!  It was created by Andrew Apostola of Portable and Dino Siampos and Sam Wheeler of Aux Armes.  According to the website, Svbscription is “a new ser­vice for men that deliv­ers lux­ury, curated prod­ucts and expe­ri­ences to your door.”  If you have a man in your life (husband, boyfriend, brother, friend, etc.)  that’s hard to shop for or if you just want to do something nice for that man in your life, this is a fantastic idea.

Mem­ber­ship enti­tles you to a new par­cel every three months. Each par­cel has a unique theme and con­tains prod­ucts that include design, cul­ture, tech­nol­ogy, apparel and entertainment.  The July 2012 parcel is sold out and they’re now working on the October 2012 parcel.  There is a big catch-the price.  This service is NOT cheap-it costs $300 for one parcel or you can get a one year subscription for $1100.  YIKES!  I did read an article about this service that said the products your man will receive are well worth the $300.  They’re supposed to be unique and rare items.

What do you think?  Would you spend this kind of money for your man?

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