Fabulous Friday!

What’s going on out in the world of fashion?  I know-who has time to really keep up-right?!  There’s been a lot of fashion news recently, so grab yourself a white chocolate mocha and pull up a chair.  I’ll get you all caught up on what’s going on- just in time for the weekend!  Enjoy the coffee talk and make it a magnificent day, today!

-Taylor Swift divulged which celebrity’s style she loves.  Can you guess????  I never would have guessed this, but she loves Zoë Saldana’s style!  “I would totally go through Zoë Saldana’s closet,” Swift reveals in the October issue of PEOPLE Country. “That girl knows how to dress.”

Taylor Swift (People magazine)

Zoë Saldana (People magazine)

-Katie Holmes presented her new Holmes and Yang Spring 2013 fashion line.  This is a new adventure for Katie and she stated that she wasn’t concerned with what the fashion critics say, she’s just proud she took the leap of faith to give her clothing line a shot.

One of the dresses from Holmes and Yang. What do you think?

-Nordstrom is now carrying the TopShop and TopMan brands.  Watch their video here.  You can check out the new line here.

-Definitely not a fan of Miley’s new hair.  It just doesn’t flatter her features and looks like she’s trying too hard to rebel against her former Disney image.  I understand she wants to rebuild her image but this makes her look like an 80’s rock star.  Anyone see the resemblance to Annie Lennox or Flock of Seagulls?

Miley Cyrus-do you like the new hair?

Miley Cyrus before-I would take this hair any day!

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