Top Ten for $20

Change can be good.  I hope you don’t mind a small change I’m making to this post.  Instead of  Top Ten for $10, I decided to change it to Top Ten for $20.  I’ve come across so many fantastic deals for $20 and under and I didn’t want you to miss out on any of them!

Hope this has been a fabulous week for you!  I’m still in the process of moving…which I think will go on for the rest of my life!  The boxes never seem to end!  Where did all this stuff come from, anyway?!  While I’m busy with boxes, I’ve got some deals to keep all of you busy!

Floral print shirt-$18

Crochet print top-$15

Lace trim top-$18

Plus size shirt dress-$20

Flared khakis-$20

Fringed scarf-$13

Platform sandals-$14

Clutch purse-$17

Enamel cuff bracelet-$19

Snakeskin stretch bracelet-$17

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