Top Ten for $20

First of all, if you were in the path of Hurricane Sandy, please know that I’m praying for you and hope life gets back to normal as soon as possible for you!  I know this storm has caused unimaginable damage to a major portion of the US!  The worst is the damage to the public transportation system in New Jersey and New York.  It’s hard for life to get back to normal if nobody can get anywhere!  If you were affected by this storm, I’d love to hear your story!

Let’s take a look at some fun deals and think positive!  Gloom and doom can easily overtake you if you let it.  Instead, fight back by thinking about the blessings in your life!  Hold onto the good and let go of the bad!

Crochet tunic-$18

Lace top-$15

Cap sleeve dress-$19

Fleece scarf-$5

Filigree earrings-$4

Faux leather booties-$20

Nude pumps-$20

Faux fur scarf-$15

Cable knit beret-$5

Satin clutch-$20


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