Fabulous Friday!

Fashion snobs-we all know them.  Most of us probably avoid them.  Hopefully, you aren’t one!  A fashion snob is someone who’s more interested in designers than style.  I don’t want to imply that there’s anything wrong with designer items.  The fashion snob is the type of person who looks down on you for not owning the designer they love.  They also think that true style means you have to spend a fortune on designer items.  They’re largely responsible for the urban legend among women that you can’t look nice if you don’t have a lot of money.  NOT TRUE!!!  I want to bust that myth wide open and show you that everyone can look fabulous-even if you’re on a budget!

The fashion world is changing.  Designer collaborations with lower price point stores are the way of the future.  I recently got an email from Payless Shoe Source announcing major designer looks!  Have people finally come to their senses and realized style is not about how much you spend?  We can only hope!  I’m personally waiting for Tory Burch to be featured at Target!  What designer collaboration would you like to see?

Here are my picks for designer items with a lower price point.  I hope you find something you love!  If you do, let me know!

Christian Siriano for Payless Shoe Source-$25 (how cute is this plaid!)

Lana Del Ray jacket for H&M-$30

MNG by Mango for JC Penney blouse-$30

Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s peplum blouse-$24

Vera Wang for Kohl’s wristlet-$30

Rock & Republic for Kohl’s blazer-$45

Dooney & Bourke outlet for ebay wristlet-$30

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. terribell85
    Nov 02, 2012 @ 12:02:29

    I am really digging that LC peplum top from Khols!! It’s super cute!!


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