Trend Alert: Baroque

Some call it brocade, some call it baroque and some call it scarf print.  Whatever you call it, rich brocade patterns are a big trend for this fall/winter season.  YAY!  I LOVE, LOVE LOVE this trend!  Such a classy look with a vintage feel.  My own personal opinion is that a lot of this trend was inspired by Downton Abbey.  If you like historic dramas, you’ll love this TV series!  It’s worth watching just for the clothes!  Did I mention I love this trend??

Downton Abbey

If you think rich patterns and textures are something you could get into, I’ve found some AMAZING pieces!  You can easily add one of these pieces to your wardrobe at these prices!

Baroque skirt-$20 (LOVE this!)

Baroque leggings-$18

Baroque top-$20

Baroque peplum top-$42

Baroque jacket-$50

Baroque peplum dress-$44

Baroque clutch-$49

Tahari baroque ring-$40

Baroque ring-$49

Baroque wedges-$32


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