Top Ten for $20

“We must never confuse elegance with snobbery.” –Yves Saint Laurent

Now that the holidays are FAST approaching, think of these deals as gift finders!  These items are a great way to look like you spent a lot of money and time on someone, while saving your wallet!  I have health insurance that I pay for and the costs are going to increase quite a bit next year.  I really need to watch my spending this year so I can be prepared for next year!  It can be done as I long as search out those good deals!  Lucky you, I’ve done all the searching for you!  I hope you get some great gift ideas!  Be a fabulous (and smart) gift giver this holiday season!

Pearl woven chain necklace-$9

Medallion necklace-$10

Pearl filigree earrings-$5

Rhinestone ring-$7 (one size fits most)

Bangle wristlet-$10

Studded bag-$19

Fringe scarf-$11

Infinity scarf-$11

Faux fur scarf-$15

Cap toe shoes-$20

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