Fabulous Friday!

I just recently took a vacation.  I had several strapless dresses I wanted to wear on my trip but I had one problem.  I didn’t want to be constantly pulling the top of my dress up!  You know what I mean-having to constantly grab the top of your dress or shirt and pull it up after it’s worked its way down.  Talk about annoying and unsightly!  I knew there had to be something to keep strapless dresses up and in place, so I did a lot of research on the subject.

I tried regular fashion tape but that didn’t work for me.  If you have to adjust the tape after you stick it on, then it no longer sticks.  It also doesn’t stay sticky for very long.  I found the fashion tape to be a poor solution and a waste of money.

Fashion tape

I noticed some suggestions to try wig tape.  Wig tape is what people use to keep wigs and toupees in place.  It was supposed to be very strong tape, so I decided to give it a try.  I bought Super Tape off ebay.  I got about 60 pieces of tape for between $8-$10.

Super tape

Wig tape is the way to go!  This tape is very strong and has lasting power!  The tape is sticky on both sides so it sticks to your skin and then sticks to the clothes.  It’s sticky enough that you can peel it off, readjust it and have it stay.  The clothing stays exactly where you stick it all night and you never have to make any adjustments!  You have to be prepared for the fact that since this tape is so sticky, it will be a little painful peeling it off and will leave your skin red.  To me, the pain was barely noticeable, especially to keep my top in place.  Also, the redness faded away.  I stuck two pieces in the front of my dress and one piece in the back.

If you’re looking for something that will work for your strapless top or dresses, I highly recommend you try this!  I’m sure you could get it from a wig shop if you have one near you.  Otherwise, I would just buy it online.  I hope this helps you look fabulous!

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