Trend Alert: Capes

Capes have become quite the fashion trend.  No-not the long, red kind that super heroes wear!  These are fashionable capes that will make you a fashion super hero!  Capes have been around in the fashion world for many years but they’re currently making a come back.  I think capes are a fun way to stay warm and do something different from a typical coat.  I haven’t seen a large amount of people wearing them, though.  I think this is because most people aren’t sure how to wear a cape or don’t think it would look good on them.  That’s why it’s so important to try things on, even if you don’t think it would look good on you.

How about you?  Do you have a lot of people catching onto this trend where you live?

If you’d like to join in and become a fashion super hero, try some of these steals on for size!  Just click on the pictures for more details!  The only thing stopping you from being spectacular is YOU!

Plaid cape-$32

Lord & Taylor fringe cape-$36

Estelle cape-$40

Faux fur hooded cape-$40

Camel drawstring cape-$43

Hooded cape-$45

Belted herringbone cape-$65

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