Trend Alert-Boyfriend Watches

In case you somehow missed the tons of stores carrying this, the boyfriend watch is an oversized watch that is currently very trendy.  Most have a chronograph on them but some just have the plain watch face.  Boyfriend watches are fun to wear and look great when layered with bracelets.  You can spend some money on a brand name watch but I would only recommend that if you plan to wear it for a few years.  Otherwise, if you just want to wear it for a short period as a fun trend, I would stick to a less expensive watch.  Of course, I would love to snag a Michael Kors boyfriend watch!

Michael Kors watch-$170

If you’re interested in a boyfriend watch, I found some amazing deals for you!  Some of these look very expensive, too!  Remember, if you love it, it would probably make a great gift for someone or for a gift exchange!  Just click on the picture for more details!

Rose gold watch-$17

Leopard watch-$20

Pink watch-$27

Gold and black watch-$27

Silver watch-$30

White watch-$30

Tortoise shell watch-$32

Two tone watch-$39

Gold watch-$49


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