Top Ten for $20

I managed to get all of my Christmas decorations put up around my house!  Yay!  Christmas is my favorite holiday!  I have ten children (not mine) to buy gifts for and I managed to get nine of them done during Black Friday shopping!  I actually started Black Friday shopping around 9:30 pm and stopped at around 4:00 am.  I went home and passed out until around 9:30 am when my sister called and woke me up to do some more shopping!  It was a lot of fun but exhausting!  Anybody else do any Black Friday shopping?  If not, don’t worry-I have some incredible deals for you!  Have a fantastic day!

Plus size skinny jeans-$12

Black dolman top-$14

Faux fur vest-$16

BEAUTIFUL sequin tank-$20

Glitter skinny belt-$5

Cloche hat-$12

Fringe infinity scarf-$12

Platform heels-$18

Leopard flats-$20

Colorblock purse-$20

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