Trend Alert-Shopping Apps

If you have a smartphone, you should put it to work helping you find deals all year round.  Let’s take a look at some of my favorite apps that make shopping easier.  Let me know if you give any of these of a try or if you already have one of these!

  1. GeoQpons-available for Iphone, Android and Blackberry-this app gets you coupons for almost every retailer you shop at.  When you’re at the store, just pull up this app and check for coupons or deals.
  2. RedLaser -available for the Iphone, Android and Windows-with this app, you can scan the barcode of an item at the store and compare prices to make sure you’re getting the best deal.
  3. Slice-available for Iphone and Android-this app allows you to track your online orders and receipts.  It also keeps track of how much you’ve spent on each person for the holidays!  This is the ultimate planning tool in one app!
  4. CardStar-available for IPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry and Nokia-this app lets you take all your loyalty cards and consolidate them.  No more digging through your purse for that card!  Just pull up the app, find the card you want and it can be scanned right from your phone!
  5. Gift Plan for Iphone allows you to store a list of friends and family along with their sizes and ideas for gifts.

Happy shopping!

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