Fabulous Friday-Refresh Your Wardrobe!

Today, we’re going to discuss tips to REFRESH your wardrobe.  It’s a new year and it’s time to refresh your look with items you already have in your closet.  Here are step by step tips on how to give yourself a new look without having to buy a new wardrobe!

-Focus on keeping wardrobe staples easy to find.  Denim jackets, white shirts, the little black dress-these are all wardrobe staples that you should hang on to and pair with other pieces.  Make sure they are in the front of your closet for easy access.  If you find you don’t have some of these staples, add them to your list of things to buy.

Victoriana blouse-$29

Victoriana blouse-$29

-Get rid of those ill-fitting clothes!  There is no reason to keep clothes hanging in your closet that you will never wear when you could donate them to charity and let a needy person have them!  If it doesn’t fit, donate it!  If it has holes or is faded, trash it!

Dress for Success is a great women's charity to donate your clothes!

Dress for Success is a great women’s charity to donate your clothes!  Click on the picture for more details!

-Organize your shoes.  I bet you wear the same shoes over and over.  We all tend to do this but most people do it because there’s only a few shoes they can ever find!  Take the time to organize your shoes so you can actually see all of them and every pair of shoes is together!  It will make getting dressed so much easier and more fun!  If the shoes show a lot of wear, trash them!

Coach sneakers-$49

Coach sneakers-$49

-Organize your accessories.  Pull out your scarves and jewelry and hold them up next to potential outfit combinations.  Adding a scarf or necklace to a blouse can make it look completely different.  Maybe you’ve got a scarf or piece of jewelry you forgot about until now!  Never underestimate the power of accessories!

Fringe earrings-$5

Fringe earrings-$5

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