Wardrobe Essentials: Wrap Dress

What are the classic items that you can add to your wardrobe that will never go out of style?  What are timeless pieces that add style and class after fashion fades?  That’s right…it’s time to talk about another essential piece you should add to your wardrobe.  The wrap dress.

The wrap dress is flattering on just about anyone.  It’s also a classic piece that keeps coming back each season.  I prefer the faux wrap dresses because the true wrap around dresses can be a real pain.  If there’s a big breeze and you’re wearing a wrap around dress, you better hold onto your dress!

The wrap dress highlights your waist, where you tend to be the slimmest.  The shape also covers up problem areas, such as thighs and hips!  How easy is it to just toss on a wrap dress, some great shoes and run out the door?  You’ll look amazing with very little effort.  The wrap dress really is an amazingly designed piece of clothing!

If you’ve never owned a wrap dress, I encourage you to at least try a couple on and see what you think.  Don’t ever say something wouldn’t look good on you just by looking at it on the hanger.  You have to actually try things on to see what works and what doesn’t work!

If you’d like to give this dress a try, here are some inexpensive suggestions!  Just click on the picture for more details.

Animal print wrap dress-$14

Animal print wrap dress-$14

Faux wrap red dress-$22

Faux wrap red dress-$22

Faux wrap ponte dress-$30

Faux wrap ponte dress-$30

Long sleeve faux wrap dress-$39

Long sleeve faux wrap dress-$28

Plus size faux wrap dress-$

Plus size faux wrap dress-$27.50

Michael Kors wrap dress-$45

Michael Kors wrap dress-$31.50

Sleeveless wrap dress-$

Sleeveless wrap dress-$48

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