Trend Alert-Brogues

These are an example of brogues.

These are an example of brogues.

Brogues (some call them oxfords) have been around for several hundred years (translation-forever!) and have a sophisticated, vintage feel.  Due to their staying power and fun designs, brogues are now the shoe to have.  Fashion designers are using brogues in runway shows and fashion magazines are listing brogues as a “must have” accessory.  There really are a lot of fun designs out there and these shoes are very comfortable.  If you’re looking for something different to wear with your skinny jeans, try these on for size.

You’ll love the cute brogues I’ve found and you’ll love the prices even more!  If you need more details, just click on the picture.  Do you own a pair of brogues?

Faux leather brogues-$

Faux leather brogues-$43

Two tone brogues-$

Two tone brogues-$29

Brogue boots-$

Brogue boots-$39

Glitter brogues-$3

Glitter brogues-$3

High heel brogues-$40

High heel brogues-$40

Women's heeled brogues-$27

Women’s heeled brogues-$27

Just for fun-men's brogues-$1,610

Just for fun-men’s brogues-$1,610




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