Trend Alert-Tortoise Shell Accessories

Today is a big day in the United States.  Today, we remember the events that unfolded eleven years ago in New York City, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania.  When this happened, it scared me to death.  The scariest part was just not knowing what was going on.  When the first plane crashed into the World Trade Center, I thought it was just a terrible accident.  When the second plane crashed, I knew something was very wrong but still didn’t grasp the severity of the situation.  It was a little before the third plane crashed into the Pentagon that the news suggested this was a terrorist attack.  I was at work and shortly after that, our office building received a bomb threat.  We were evacuated and my boss told us to all go home.  The craziest part was that THE DAY BEFORE I flew home from a business trip!  If I had stayed one more day, I would have been stranded.  Isn’t it crazy how life works out, sometimes?

OK-let’s move on to fun new trends!  Tortoise shell is the material of choice for accessories right now.  This is a new trend for the fall/winter season.  Speaking of the fall/winter season, make sure you read my post on Friday for a preview of what’s going to be big this season!!!  Here are some of the new accessories that you can afford to add to your wardrobe!  If you have always loved tortoise shell, like me, you’ll love these!

Retro Tortoise Sunnies

J Crew Tortoise Headband

Tortoise buckle belt

Tortoise link necklace

Tortoise shell bracelet ($20)

Tortoise shell watch ($30)

Tortoise cascade earrings

Tortoise cocktail ring

Top Ten for $10

I have my first vacation of the year coming up soon.  You better believe I’m counting down the days until I can get away for some time to myself!  For a brief period of time, I don’t have to put up with all the stress at work, I don’t have to worry about any of my regular responsibilities, I can just sit back and be pampered for a change!  It’s so important to get away from everyday life to recharge!

One of my favorite pictures from a past vacation. The ocean is calling me!

Now, it’s time to find some spectacular deals for you!  I hope you have a magnificent day!

Dainty flower ring-$7

Faceted earrings-$6

Tribal necklace-$9

Ladies oxfords-$10

Colorblock purse-$10

Leopard scarf-$7

Chevron scarf-$9

3/4 sleeve top-$8

Lace top-$10

Ruffle top-$10

Top Ten Under $10 or £10

Can you believe it’s time for MORE fantastic deals for $10 (or £10) or LESS?!  There’s no reason to drown yourself in credit card debt just to be fashionable!  You don’t want to STILL be paying off shoes you bought ten years ago!!!!  You can do it!  Just set a fashion budget and stick to it!  I know it’s hard…believe me…I know!  But if I can do it-you can do it!  If you need to, find a friend to help hold you accountable.  You can even post comments to this blog to help hold yourself accountable!  Good luck!

Wedge flip flops-$9

Gauze tank-$8

Glittered clutch-$9

Zebra cami-$8

Bold bangles-$9

Victorian silver ring-$6

Chevron earrings-$5

Delicate bird earrings-$8

Red crochet espadrilles £10

Shell bangles-£6

Top Ten For $10 (including international deals!)

Today is Pay It Forward day!  I challenge you to do something nice for a complete stranger today!  If all you do is smile at one stranger, you will have made their day brighter.  Let me know how you made someone’s day brighter!

OK-I’m trying something new out.  I really hope you like it.  I found some amazing deals this week and it inspired me to make a post about the best deals I’ve found this week for at or under $10.  If you like this, let me know!  And for my international friends, I won’t forget you!  I’ll include some deals for you, too!

So, without further ado, here are the 10 most amazing deals I found this week!  I’m not putting them in any particular order since they’re all amazing.  Just click on the picture for more info!

Forever 21 dress-$7.80

3 pack of belts for $9.99

Retro Inspired Sunglasses-$9.99

Metal bracelets at Target-$8

Bright watches at Target-$10

Graphic tees at Target-$6

Ring from Dorothy Perkins-$5

chain tassel earrings
from Jane Norman £5.00

Miso Wood and Gold Bangle Stack

Aviator sunglasses at H&M-£2.49

Get This Look: Ashley Tisdale

I  love dressing up jeans and graphic tees and so does Ashley Tisdale.  That’s why I thought this would be a great pick for this week.  I bet a lot of you could put together an outfit like this with what you have in your closet right now!

It’s getting really warm where I’m at so I’m also looking to dress up my jean capris.  The next time you just don’t feel like putting much effort into your look, remember this post and how easy it is to look good AND feel good with little effort!  Here are some ideas to give you inspiration on how you can achieve this dressy casual look on a budget.  Enjoy!


Graphic Tee

Dark jeans

Silver heels

Black clutch

Need some extra shopping cash?

Who couldn’t use more shopping cash, right?  For some of us, a second job is an option.  For the rest of us, we need some creative ways to make our money stretch as much as possible.   I work SO hard for what I earn and I expect a lot for every bit I spend!  You should, too!  After all the economic turmoil, this is a different world.  This is the age of the bargainista and the recessionista!  Join with me in stopping the lie that you have to spend a fortune to look good!

If you would like some ways that you can earn extra shopping cash, get a bargain and be “green” in the process, you’re reading the right blog!  And you’re going to LOVE these ideas that I have for you!

Buffalo Exchange:  I’ve done a post on consignment stores and how you should seek out the closest one to you-but this one isn’t really a consignment store.  Buffalo Exchange is unique because it’s a chain with stores in 15 states.  They will buy clothes from you (call first to see what they’re accepting) and will also help you donate clothes to charity.  You can get cash or trade on the spot for your used fashion items.  You’ll get more money if you choose trade instead of cash.

Plato’s Closet: Along the same lines as Buffalo Exchange.  This is also a chain but is larger-they have stores in the US and Canada.  There is at least one store in all but 6 states.  You can choose trade or cash for your used clothes.

Sears Electronics Trade In: Whether it’s working or not, you can get rid of your old electronics and get shopping cash for them!  They’re looking for things like smartphones, iPads, MacBooks, and iPods.  You can get an estimate for what your item is worth on their website.  Once received, your used electronics are inspected to make sure their condition matches your evaluation.  Then, they send your payment. This is a great idea but I haven’t actually tried it to see how well it works.  You take a picture of an item you no longer want (can be anything you don’t want) and post it to the site.  People look at your item and make offers to swap for something you want.   When you have a deal, you can meet locally to swap or send items if you don’t live locally.  There are no fees to use  Each swapper is responsible for final delivery of their item.  Delivery confirmation is highly recommended.  You can swap internationally but remember that you’re responsible for shipping charges!

 Swapstyle: This is the same idea as but is strictly for clothing and accessories.  Membership is free.

Recycle Your Fashions: This is an online consignment store and you can choose to consign your clothes or sell them outright.  You fill out a couple of forms about the clothes you want to consign/sell and send it in to see what will be accepted.  You’ll be contacted within 24 hours.  Once they approve your items, you box them up with a prepaid label provided by Recycle Your Fashions.  If you consign, you’ll receive links to watch your items and will be sent a check at the end of the month.  Any unsold items can be returned at your expense or donated to charity.

I hope this helps you stretch your budget for fashion!  Let me know if you have success with any of these ideas!  I plan to try some of these out so I’ll keep you posted, my friends!

Designer Purse-Discount Prices


Yesterday, I discussed how to tell the difference between an imposter and a genuine designer purse.  I have to tell you about a post I read by another blogger who talked about imposters.  She said she owns Louis Vuitton purses but refuses to wear them because there are so many imposters.  She was concerned about people thinking her purse was not the real deal.  Let me tell you, she can give those purses to me and I’ll be happy to wear them!  It doesn’t matter what other people think-it’s all about your confidence in what you’re wearing.  It’s a shame to let a good designer purse go to waste collecting dust when there are so many women who could never even think about owning a designer purse!

This post is to try and help you afford owning a designer purse.  How do you find a designer purse at discount prices?  THE OUTLET MALL!  The outlet mall is your BEST FRIEND!  Here you can get designer purses, straight from the source, at a fraction of the retail price!  I find designer purses to be a good investment, especially if you like to carry a purse for years.  The designer purses are made with extra care so they last forever.  I had someone give me a Brighton purse that they carried for several years.  It was still in beautiful condition and I carried it for several years.  When I got a new purse, I gave that purse to someone else.  They will really last forever if you take good care of them.

Let me say that some designer purses are not affordable-even at discount prices.  I have a limit of what I will spend on a purse.  The Fendi outlet is beyond my limit.  And that’s OK, because there are plenty of other designers that are in my budget and life won’t end if I never own a Fendi.  Don’t let the designer rule you-you rule the designer.  Set a budget on what you can realistically spend and STICK TO IT.  If that means no Fendi, be content with a Prada.  If that means no Prada, be content with Coach.  And don’t forget that in the end, you are what’s important-not the purse!

The Coach outlet can be found in most outlet malls.  They have FABULOUS prices!  I wish someone had told me about this sooner because I was paying the same amount of money buying non-designer purses at department stores!  There are purses to fit almost any budget.  They also have other items like shoes.  YAY, SHOES!  Click here to find a Coach outlet near you.

The Brighton Outlet is harder to find.  There aren’t many around but they also have FABULOUS prices.  The closest Brighton outlet to me is 209 miles away-but so worth the drive!  You can buy a Brighton purse for as much as 40-70% off retail prices.  Click here to find a Brighton outlet near you!

I just recently got the chance to visit my first Prada outlet.  They’re also hard to find but worth it if you’re really after a Prada.  I judge the prices to be close to 50% off retail.  Are they still expensive?  YES!  But much less expensive than paying full price.  And why would anyone want to pay full price????  Click here to find a Prada outlet near you.

As I mentioned earlier, Fendi is out of my price range…even at the outlet store!  But, if you really want a Fendi and you have the money to spend, more power to you!  Click here to find a Fendi outlet near you.

Gucci will be the last designer I mention.  I’ve been fortunate enough to buy a Gucci from an outlet store.  I really hate to be a Gucci basher but I wasn’t impressed.  I didn’t feel like the quality stood up to the name.  Maybe you’ve had a Gucci for years that you absolutely love.  If so, that’s fantastic-wish I’d had as good an experience.  If you love Gucci and would like to find an outlet near you-click here.

I hope this helps you to find a designer purse at a price you can afford.  Every woman should be able to own a designer purse-not just a select few.  I believe in spreading the love around to everyone.  Good luck in your treasure hunting and be sure to let me know if you score any great deals!  Until tomorrow…