Fabulous Friday-Prabal Gurung for Target

Prabal Gurung dress-$545 ( on sale!)

Prabal Gurung dress-$545 (on sale!)

Prabal Gurung is a fashion designer who got his start in New Delhi.  He moved to New York to pursue his fashion career and worked under designers such as Bill Blass.  He launched his own line in 2009 and has been a huge success ever since.  If you’re like me, you probably weren’t too familiar with Prabal Gurung because his line is SO expensive.  I could never walk in to a high-end store and drop $1,000 on a Prabal Gurung shirt.

Here’s where Target comes in.  As I’m sure you’ve probably heard, Prabal Gurung and Target have combined forces to come up with a BEAUTIFUL line of apparel and accessories that real people can afford.  I went to Target  this week to see the line for myself and check out the prices.  Here are the pieces from the clothing line that I really like:

Prabal Gurung dress-$40 (this dress is much nicer in person.)

Prabal Gurung dress-$40 (this dress is much nicer in person)

Prabal Gurung lace blouse-$35

Prabal Gurung lace blouse-$35 (great faux leather collar!)

Here are pictures I took of the shoes-which I was the most interested in!

My favorite shoes-$40

My favorite shoes-$40

I almost bought these-they are amazing!  The only thing that stopped me is the steep angle of the shoes.

I almost bought these-they are amazing! The only thing that stopped me is the steep angle of the shoes.

Prabal Gurung heel-$40

Prabal Gurung heels-$40

These are so pretty-but I liked the first pair better.

These are so pretty-but I liked the first pair better.

Red wedges-$30

Red wedges-$30

The ankle straps are adjustable.

The ankle straps are adjustable.

I loved the shoe collection and the prices are fabulous.  If you’d like to see the entire Prabal Gurung for Target line, click here.  Let me know what piece is your favorite or if you intend to buy something!

Fabulous Friday!

I came across this cute website one day by accident.  They sell designer handbags and accessories at a discounted price.  These items are advertised as being brand new from designer outlets, store overstocks and clearance lines.  The items are guaranteed to be authentic BUT keep in mind that you always take a risk when you buy from anyone that’s not the actual designer.  The discounted prices can be offered since they’re an online retailer and since the items are from past seasons.  I haven’t bought anything from them but I am seriously considering it.

They carry a broad range of designers from Burberry to Versace.  They occasionally post discounts here.  Here are some examples of items and prices from their website.  Click on the picture for more details.  Do your research before you buy…but if you do, let me know!

Fendi hobo bag-$279

Prada handbag-$189

Chanel sunglasses-$189

Louis Vuitton sunglasses-$139

Cartier earrings-$97

Designer Vs. Imposter

Do you own a designer purse?  How about an imposter?  How do you feel about designer purses?  About imposters?  I have owned both.  Unfortunately, I never intended to own an imposter.  I just didn’t know how to tell the difference and didn’t buy the purse from a reliable source.  I was quite shocked to discover that what I thought was a genuine Coach purse was actually a fake.  I don’t want anyone else to have to go through the shock of realizing that you’ve been deceived.  This post is going to help educate you on how to spot an imposter.

Lesson 1: Do your research.  Familiarize yourself with the logo of the designer you want to purchase.  The logo is usually different on an imposter.  Some of the imposters are very good and it’s almost impossible to tell them apart.  Even when they’re very good, you can still usually find a problem with the logo.  Most designers stamp their logo on the hardware of the purse.  For example, the zipper should have a logo stamp or a buckle on the purse should be stamped with the designer’s name.  Also, designers like Louis Vuitton have a specific way the LV logo is placed on their purses.  The logo should never look sloppy or misplaced.

Example of a logo stamp

Lesson 2: Look for the trademark.  Every designer purse has some kind of trademark.  For Brighton, it’s a hanging silver heart with Brighton stamped into the heart.  For Coach, it’s the famous hangtag that looks sort of like a dog tag.  For Prada, it’s the triangle shaped logo.  Always look for these trademark items on the purse.

Prada logo

Lesson 3: Check the stitching.  An imposter will always have flaws in the stitching.  The stitching will look sloppy-not even.  The stitching on a designer purse will be very even and should never look frayed.  There should also be no gaps.  If it looks like poorly done stitching, it’s not the real thing.

Correct stitching

Lesson 4: Check the lining.  Most purses will have something in the lining that has to do with the trademark.  Prada’s lining has their logo all over it.   Brighton has a leather patch, as does Coach, inside the lining that attests to the authenticity.  If you can see the numbers on the patch, you can usually do a search on the internet and find the item.  The lining on a designer purse will always look even and well sewn.  A sure sign of an imposter is lining that has torn loose.

Lining of a Brighton purse

Lesson 5: Buy from a reliable source.  It’s always best to buy directly from the designer because that’s the only way you can be 100% certain you’re getting the real deal.  It’s fairly safe to buy from consignment or resale stores as most employees are trained to spot the imposters.  However, I’ve seen some REALLY good imposters that would fool almost anyone.  You take a risk whenever you buy from any source other than the designer.

Prada Store

I’ll have more tomorrow on how to get a designer purse for a fraction of the cost-directly from the designer!  Be watching for my post!  ALSO, be sure to check out my Street Style page for a new post!