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Fabulous Friday-10 Shoes For Every Occasion

“One shoe can change your life.” -Cinderella

As we get closer to spring, it’s time to take an inventory of your shoes!  Do you have tons of sandals but not much of anything else?  Here are some suggestions on basic shoes that you should have in your closet.  With these 10 pairs of shoes, you will have something appropriate for any occasion.

I know that some of you are going to say 10 pairs of shoes is not even enough for you.  I would fall into that category.  Don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to 10 pairs of shoes but make sure out of all your shoes, you have these 10 to round out your wardrobe.  If you’re thinking you don’t have anywhere near 10 pairs of shoes, consider adding the pairs you’re missing so you have a more rounded wardrobe.   Take a look and see what you think in comparison to your closet.  If you’d like more details, just click on the picture.

Zebra print Chuck Taylor's-$45

Zebra print Chuck Taylor’s-$45

1) Invest in a good pair of Chuck Taylor’s.  They are always fashionable and perfect when you just want to wear something comfortable.  They look great with jeans, maxi skirts or dresses.

Guess pumps-$30

Guess pumps-$30

2) Get a pair of fun, neutral heels.  They can be worn to work and then double for an evening out.  Just select a heel height that works for you and make sure they have a fun feature like a peep toe.

Glitter heels-$40

Glitter heels-$40

3) A pair of heels with glitter are shoes that are ready for a party.  These are perfect for anytime you have a special evening or party to go to.  Get a neutral color that will go with any color you wear.

Black pumps-$

Black pumps-$39

4) A pair of solid black pumps are a must have if your work has a professional dress code.  If you get a pair like these with the fun cap toe, they can also work with jeans for an evening out.

Cap toe flats-$3

Cap toe flats-$33

5) A cute pair of flats are another must have.  These can be worn to work when you know you’ll be on your feet all day or they can be worn on a fun Saturday with skinny jeans.  They have a lot of flexibility and give your feet a much-needed break from heels.

Steve Madden wedge sandals-$40

Steve Madden wedge sandals-$40

6) Wedge sandals are perfect when you you’re wearing a casual summer dress or skirt-especially if you’re going out.  They add that extra wow factor to something casual and make it more sophisticated.

Gladiator sandal-$

Gladiator sandal-$45

7) A pair of flat sandals are perfect for those summer days when you want to throw on something low-key and low hassle.  I recommend them for running around in casual shorts or summer dresses and also for the beach or a vacation.

Vince Camuto ankle bootie-$40

Vince Camuto ankle bootie-$40

8) Ankle boots are a fantastic buy because they go with everything.  Like Chuck Taylor’s, they never go out of style.  When the weather turns cooler, you’ll be glad you have these on hand for work and for going out.

Heeled boot-$100

Heeled boot-$100

9) Heeled boots are fabulous to wear with skinny jeans, dresses, leggings or skirts-especially during cooler weather.  They’re very versatile and the heel adds a touch of sophistication when you want to look your best.

Western boots-$

Western boots-$70

10) Western boots have been around forever but are gaining in popularity all over the world.  They look great with skirts, dresses, skinny jeans, leggings, just about anything!  There are so many different styles to choose from that you’re sure to find one you like!  If you don’t happen to be fond of Western boots, riding boots are also a great addition to your wardrobe.  They don’t have as much flexibility as the Western boot but they look fantastic with skinny jeans and leggings!