Fabulous Friday

Have you ever heard of Influenster?  Are you a member?  Have you received a voxbox?  I just recently received my first voxbox.  What’s a voxbox you ask?  See for yourself.

My first VoxBox

Let me explain how Influenster works.  Just go to their website and sign up.  You complete a profile and unlock “badges” by taking quizzes.  These badges tell Influenster what things you like-such as the Foodie badge and Trendsetter badge.  After that, Influenster will send you a  voxbox.  This is a box full of free samples of different products for you to try out.  The catch is that you have to complete a survey about the items and also review the items on different forms of social media.  I like free stuff, so I decided to give this a try.

I received an email that I was being sent a voxbox maybe a month after I signed up.  I accepted the voxbox and then received an email a few days later of when it would be shipped out.   Here’s what I got and my opinions of each product:

Ghiradelli Gourmet Milk Chocolate Bar: Score!  Chocolate is fabulous and free chocolate is even better!  Ghiradelli makes my favorite white chocolate-I like it even more than Godiva!  Since I’m a white chocolate person, I gave this bar to my husband to try out.  He also loves Ghiradelli and said this was a very sweet chocolate bar without being too sweet.  Two thumbs up on this one!

Truvia Natural Sweetener: I’ve wanted to try this but haven’t because who wants to pay for something you’re not sure you’ll like?  I was so pleased to find this in my box so I could try it for free.  This sweetener has zero calories (YAY!) and is all natural.  This sweetener is not sugar and doesn’t taste like sugar.  It sweetens your coffee, tea, etc. with just a very subtle sweetener taste.  A little goes a long way!  There wasn’t a bad aftertaste like other sweeteners.  This is the closest sweetener I’ve found to sugar.  If you don’t mind a little bit of a sweetener taste and you only use a small amount of sweetener, I would highly recommend this.

Gillette Venus and Olay Razor: This razor has two Olay moisture bars-one on the top and one on the bottom of the razor.  They release a light lather that acts like shaving cream.  I like it but its hard to get used to.  The moisture bars are a good idea but VERY thick.  It makes me feel like I need to press harder because of the two giant bars-which I don’t like.  It was nice to be able to try this for free, though!

Stash Tea Bags: This was a sampler of different types of herbal caffeine free tea bags.  I love hot tea so this was right up my alley. I tried the Licorice and Spice because I really like licorice but it tasted like medicine.  I had to pour it out.  The Cinnamon Apple is pretty good-almost like hot apple cider.  There are quite a few different flavors including acai berry and blueberry.

Kiss Nail Dress: These are awesome nail “stickers.”  They have a leopard pattern to them  I call them stickers because you peel them off just like stickers and then stick them on your nail.  Once you have it in place, you just file off any excess.  It’s supposed to last for ten days and comes with a set for fingers and toes!

So, what do you think?  Would you sign up?  I got a LOT of free samples and they were good things that I wanted to try.  I’ve discovered that there are actually a lot of sites like this so I’m going to research them and report back to you.  Don’t forget to be MARVELOUS this weekend-even if you don’t leave the house!

Look Books

I think the Look Book is a fabulous idea and encourage every woman to keep one.  I was just talking to a friend of mine who said she has a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.  Ever have those days?  Don’t worry-we ALL do.  Women tend to wear clothes based on their mood.  Some days your creative juices abandon you and you can’t put a decent outfit together to save your life!  The Look Book can help with that.

The Look Book is just a very simple folder or notebook where you keep pictures of outfits that speak to you.  You can get pictures of outfits SO easily.  Just search the internet or cut pictures out of advertisements or magazines.  You can tape them into a spiral notebook or just keep them in a folder and then keep it by your closet or even in your closet.  When you can’t find anything to wear, pull out your Look Book for inspiration.  Don’t try to duplicate the outfit exactly.  Add your own personal style to it.  Your Look Book will show you styles that you pick over and over so you know what pieces you should be adding to your wardrobe.  Think of it as paper dolls for grown ups!

Good luck to you and let me know if you think this will help you!

Style Quote for the Day:  “Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.”—Ralph Lauren

Enjoy putting together your Look Book!  I know it will be fabulous-just like you!

Get This Look: Ashley Tisdale

I  love dressing up jeans and graphic tees and so does Ashley Tisdale.  That’s why I thought this would be a great pick for this week.  I bet a lot of you could put together an outfit like this with what you have in your closet right now!

It’s getting really warm where I’m at so I’m also looking to dress up my jean capris.  The next time you just don’t feel like putting much effort into your look, remember this post and how easy it is to look good AND feel good with little effort!  Here are some ideas to give you inspiration on how you can achieve this dressy casual look on a budget.  Enjoy!


Graphic Tee

Dark jeans

Silver heels

Black clutch

Trend Alert-Nautical Look

Ahoy, mate!  (I’m really a pirate at heart!  ARRRRRR!)  This trend alert makes me wish I were on a beach or on a cruise ship!  I love it already!  I am TOTALLY a beach girl!  Nothing is more relaxing to me than lying under some shade on a beach, reading a good book, sipping a fruity beverage and listening to waves gently crash onto the sand.  Can’t you just hear the waves, now?!  How about you-what’s your ultimate getaway?

The nautical look is going to be big this summer.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you told me you’ve already seen lots of nautical clothes and accessories.  Think stripes, blue, red, white, anchors, starfish, shells, etc.  Ladies-grab your sunglasses and nautical totes and prepare to sail away with these magnificent deals on items you can add to your wardrobe.

Nautical Tote

Nautical Wedge

Shell bangle

Nautical peplum blouse

Anchor earrings

Hope this post leaves you with thoughts of the island life today!

Wardrobe Essentials: Bangles

Wow-what a weekend!  I had a memorial service to attend for a spectacular and stylish lady.  She will be greatly missed but I believe she’s having a big party right now!  I also went wedding dress shopping with my sister!  It’s a crazy life, isn’t it?!   Ready for today’s Wardrobe Essential?

What are the classic items that you can add to your wardrobe that will never go out of style?  What are timeless pieces that add style and class after fashion fades?  That’s right…it’s time to talk about another essential piece you should add to your wardrobe.  The bangle bracelet!  The bangle keeps coming back year after year.  Right now, the trend is to wear several big, chunky bangles or lots of small bangles.  The chunkier the better.  With the bold colors this season, mixing and matching several bangles in bold colors adds drama to your outfit.

To get your creative juices flowing, I’ve rounded up some excellent deals on bangles for you!  Just click on the picture for more info.  Hope this adds some zest to your Monday!

Elegant bangles for an evening out.

Chunky bangles

Simple but eye catching

A great pop of color!

Unusual silver bangle

Need some extra shopping cash?

Who couldn’t use more shopping cash, right?  For some of us, a second job is an option.  For the rest of us, we need some creative ways to make our money stretch as much as possible.   I work SO hard for what I earn and I expect a lot for every bit I spend!  You should, too!  After all the economic turmoil, this is a different world.  This is the age of the bargainista and the recessionista!  Join with me in stopping the lie that you have to spend a fortune to look good!

If you would like some ways that you can earn extra shopping cash, get a bargain and be “green” in the process, you’re reading the right blog!  And you’re going to LOVE these ideas that I have for you!

Buffalo Exchange:  I’ve done a post on consignment stores and how you should seek out the closest one to you-but this one isn’t really a consignment store.  Buffalo Exchange is unique because it’s a chain with stores in 15 states.  They will buy clothes from you (call first to see what they’re accepting) and will also help you donate clothes to charity.  You can get cash or trade on the spot for your used fashion items.  You’ll get more money if you choose trade instead of cash.

Plato’s Closet: Along the same lines as Buffalo Exchange.  This is also a chain but is larger-they have stores in the US and Canada.  There is at least one store in all but 6 states.  You can choose trade or cash for your used clothes.

Sears Electronics Trade In: Whether it’s working or not, you can get rid of your old electronics and get shopping cash for them!  They’re looking for things like smartphones, iPads, MacBooks, and iPods.  You can get an estimate for what your item is worth on their website.  Once received, your used electronics are inspected to make sure their condition matches your evaluation.  Then, they send your payment.

Swap.com: This is a great idea but I haven’t actually tried it to see how well it works.  You take a picture of an item you no longer want (can be anything you don’t want) and post it to the site.  People look at your item and make offers to swap for something you want.   When you have a deal, you can meet locally to swap or send items if you don’t live locally.  There are no fees to use Swap.com.  Each swapper is responsible for final delivery of their item.  Delivery confirmation is highly recommended.  You can swap internationally but remember that you’re responsible for shipping charges!

 Swapstyle: This is the same idea as Swap.com but is strictly for clothing and accessories.  Membership is free.

Recycle Your Fashions: This is an online consignment store and you can choose to consign your clothes or sell them outright.  You fill out a couple of forms about the clothes you want to consign/sell and send it in to see what will be accepted.  You’ll be contacted within 24 hours.  Once they approve your items, you box them up with a prepaid label provided by Recycle Your Fashions.  If you consign, you’ll receive links to watch your items and will be sent a check at the end of the month.  Any unsold items can be returned at your expense or donated to charity.

I hope this helps you stretch your budget for fashion!  Let me know if you have success with any of these ideas!  I plan to try some of these out so I’ll keep you posted, my friends!

Get This Look: Katherine Heigl

I love Katherine’s sassy yet casual look.  Below is an outfit that duplicates one worn by Katherine Heigl.  I’m really big on duplicating outfits, as this saves you a lot of time-especially if you’re like me and only half awake in the mornings!  Don’t forget to try and use items you already own when duplicating outfits.  In this instance, you might already have a summer dress and a pair of boots in your closet.  All you would need is a cardigan to complete the outfit (or a blazer).  They don’t have to be the exact color that Katherine Heigl is wearing.  Just play around with what you have to make it work for you.  You should always add something that reflects you because you’re fabulous.

If you love this outfit, try these deals I’ve found just for you.  Have a fantastic Wednesday!

Target has some GREAT deals!

Loose cardigan


Faux Ostrich Handbag

So, what do you think?  I bet you would be super sassy in this outfit!  Be creative and have fun experimenting!

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